Let's Be Honest
Hahahaha I made a crazy tie

Hahahaha I made a crazy tie

Working on some crochet ties.

Working on some crochet ties.


Photographing Meerkats by Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography on Flickr.


Baby bunny pattern finished for fundraiser!

Order by the end of September and $5 goes towards Helping All Little Things. Also doing rats and working on a gpig pattern.

$15 plus shipping. Custom colors. Email me at xyloart at gmail dot com. Thanks!


You need to “be healthier” (aka lose weight)
You need to clean your house more
You need to go to work
You need to start packing for moving
You need to finish commissions (both solicited and forced)
You need to throw more stuff out
You need to find a husband
You need to have kids before it’s too late
You need to go to the gym more
You need to keep in touch with everyone
You need to listen to everyone’s problems but shut up about your own because their reactions make everything worse even though they insist they just want to help
You need to dress better
You need to make better art
You need to wear make up
You need to shower more
You need to stop being so sad


I did some tinkering around with my amigurumi fox’s nose. I know nose accuracy tends to be a pet peeve with animal artists and I was curious about how a more realistic nose would look on it. Left is the original and center and right are some of 6060’s safety noses Photoshopped on. The center one is a little too bulbous/weird for my taste and I’m not sure how I feel about the one on the right, but what does everyone else think..? (the more I think about it, the more it seems to not matter because the rest of the design is far from accurate, but I am stickler for tiny details like this :P)

Also, if anyone knows of any other places that sell noses, I’d love to know! :D

Photo sources:

  1. http://wallpaperscraft.com/download/fox_face_eyes_nose_56096/1920x1080
  2. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/permuted/442553857/

I like the first one best!



A sample of tweets on #Ferguson tonight, 8/13/14

"Justice isn’t here right now"

Fresh rats for the con!

Fresh rats for the con!


You know how in action movies there will be a fight scene where two dudes are fighting one-on-one while a circle of onlookers watches and yells. The hero has one hand tied to the bad guy as they swing knives at each other, that sort of thing. And you sit there saying “why are the rest of you guys…

I feel like when I tell my family and friends and even doctors that ultimately they cannot help me that they just view me as being obstinate, as refusing the help they think they can give. Which makes me feel worse.

Working on a Loki cosplay. Ordered this skirt and these boots; any suggestions for a top?