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Working on an astronaut for the book!

Book Update

So here’s where I am right now. I met with my consultant who is wise and all knowing and she has advised me on the following.

1. It’s good that I already have people pattern testing.

2. It’s good that I have a photo session scheduled.

3. I need to work on a proposal.

4. I need at least five more amigurumi done to be photographed even if I don’t have the patterns typed up.

5. I should have at least 25 designs options in my table of contents so that publishers can decide what designs they’d like me to pursue.

6. I should probably include drawings in the crochet 101 section.

So that’s the story thus far! She thinks I’ve done good so far; hopefully I can keep it up!

A new friend joins the MaxFunPhilly meet up!





(My new project is photoshopping kittens into my favorite movies! Message me if you have any awesome movie suggestions.)


this would probably be better than Jurassic Park

Yes please


Pattern test for Kathryn Marino’s upcoming book.

Pattern used: Baby Gryphon

It turned out really well, and overall, the pattern was well written.  A few changes needed to be made, which I noted to her in an email.  I love the way this turned out, and I’ll be giving it to a friend.

Wooooo you are the best; thanks so much for testing my pattern!!!








Fun things to say when someone tells you they’re going to go to the bathroom:

  • Stay safe
  • Congratulations
  • That’s what they all say
  • Different strokes for…

I always say “Good luck and God Speed”


The sushi cats that made their debut at Anthrocon are now available at the Pocket Sushi store! See below for quick links to each one:

Ebi (Shrimp) http://etsy.me/1qBIBJz
Maguro (Tuna) & Sake (Salmon) http://etsy.me/1qBIHRz
Tamago (Egg) http://etsy.me/1qBIGgk
Unagi (Grilled Eel) http://etsy.me/1tKxMKT

Stop these are too cute


NEW DOLL! https://missmonster.myshopify.com
This is Fortuna the little ghost monster! She haunts trees and gardens mostly- she’s sort of lazy and over the whole “spooking people” thing. She wants to come stay with a living family and find a cool new hobby. Fortuna doesn’t eat since she’s a ghost but she loves the smell of lemons and mint!

This is an original hand made doll. The face, spines and claws are cast urethane with a faux fur body. Soft fleece ghostie legs! Weighted in the butt to sit.Floppy style doll, no armature. Her cast claws and spines GLOW purple in the dark! Put her in direct sunlight/ UV to charge the glow.

Sits at 10” tall.


As with all of my original dolls, this piece will come with a signed and dated etched wooden tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters.

This is a piece of artwork intended for adult collectors. It can be played with and cuddled a little but please treat it with care to prevent scuffs. Clean any cast parts with a slightly damp cloth, do not use solvents. Fur can be combed and styled if desired.


I do not take on commissioned work.https://missmonster.myshopify.com



Hey there!!  My birthday is coming up on August 8th, and I’m a bit broke!

So if you’d be so kind, consider giving me some work so I can give myself a great birthday!  Click here to check out my order form!

(And if you can’t afford a commission, please reblog this post.  Thank you!)



Artists /Vendors: Get in today or risk not getting in at all:


(Re)Generation Who Artist/Vendor Alley applications are now open!


We’re a new Baltimore-area Doctor Who convention starting in March 2015, and we’re hitting the ground running with big guests, major events, and all sorts of goodies and surprises we can’t wait to announce.

Our first big…

I’m going over the applications as we speak!!!