Let's Be Honest
Not That Kind of Guy

The guy at work that assaulted me in a movie theater on a date just came to talk to me. I had reported the original incident to my supervisor but I don’t know what, if anything, happened because he still works in our office.

He asked me if I’d calmed down by now and reiterated that he’d had a bad day that day and the movie was not that engaging and informed me that he’s “not that kind of guy”.

I reinforced to him that I had said “no”, but he countered with the opinion that we didn’t really know each other that well, and he was just more spontaneous than me and we could still be good friends.

I said we could be civil at work but that was all.

He said he had wanted to apologize but in private, not at work, and how about we go to lunch some time and talk about it some more?

I told him I was not comfortable with that.

He said we could go to lunch now, as if I hadn’t just turned him down.

I said no again.

He said I should be open to it and not be so uptight and again, that he’s not that kind of guy.

He is absolutely exactly that kind of guy and he’ll never admit it to himself.

I broke the flower thing but I made these and like them better.

Flower sculpture for over a candle. I’ll wait until it’s leather hard, take it off of the form, then cut holes in it.

Simple dried flower wall hangers with animals on them.

His first trophy!





Making some ceramic rocket medallions for the grab bags for max fun con. :9 not sure if I’ll glaze them the exact maxfun colors or take some liberties.

Totally worth eight bucks

My cat licks my shoulder to try to get me to get up in the morning.

My cat licks my shoulder to try to get me to get up in the morning.